Bible stories are a favorite for bedtime in our household, traces of an old habit I picked up from my childhood.  From Jonah and the Whale to Noah and his Ark, there’s no shortage of Bible knowledge around here – that’s why when I was asked to attend a taping of GSN’s The American Bible Challenge, I (embarrassingly enough) squealed with joy. When you think of GSN, alsoknown as The Game Show Network, shows like The Newlywed Game and Family Feud may come to mind – all games I’m not so sure I could win – but a game show about The Bible? After years and years of bedtime quizzes, I was confident that this would be a piece of cake.

Boy was I ever wrong. The contestants on this show are not your everyday Bible-Bedtime readers. These guys know their stuff. GSN did an amazing job of finding not only incredibly brilliant contestants, but they are super entertaining too! Did I mention that the show is hosted  by Jeff Foxworthy? Yes, Mr. Blue Collar Comedy Tour himself is now the host of America’s first-ever game show about the world’s best-selling book.

I had to know, how does one go from being a stand up comedian, to hosting Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?, to THIS? Jeff says that when he was approached with the idea of the show, he originally declined stating that one “can’t do a game show about the Bible,” but after thinking about it for some time, he decided that he was on board. What convinced him was the idea that the contestants weren’t playing to win for themselves, but playing for the benefit of others.

With each team playing for the benefit of a charity, some with personal connections to their chosen organization, The American Bible Challenge isn’t scarce with its touching moments, but don’t let that make you think that its scarce on fun either. With a joyous choir erupting in upbeat melodies before commercial breaks (and sometimes to encourage the contestants!) it’s a non-stop good time – one that both you and your kids will enjoy (Finally!)

I for one know where I’ll be on Thursday, August 23rd– parked right in front of my TV with myloved ones, a bucket of popcorn and a study Bible (I might take a peek fromtime to time – shh! Don’t tell anyone!)

You can check out a preview of The American Bible Challenge at the link below. Don’t forget to tune in for yourself on Thursday, August 23rd – check your local listings! J