Opens Friday!

My husband went to an early screening with his buddies and absolutely loved it! 

Here are some awesome men’s ministry resources and ‘behind the scenes’ if you want to really get into the mood!

Making of “Act of Valor”:

For men’s ministry groups:

A cool resource has been set up for men’s ministry groups based on ACT OF VALOR. 

The website is:

This resource has been created by actual Navy SEALs for men who want to live more honorable lives. The SEALs that protect our country live by a code. This resource will challenge you to create your own code and apply it to your life. You will be able to see the codes of other men as well as create your own. You can begin your journey by watching the full resource in the video player located on the left. Pastor’s and group leaders can download the full resource and conversation guide by clicking “Start Your Journey Now.” Get ready to change your life.